Poor visibility affects f...

Poor visibility affects flights at TIA
Dec 4, 2021

Poor visibility affects flights at TIA


Flights to and from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) have been affected due to poor visibility on Saturday morning.

According to the TIA office, a plane of Fly Dubai bound to land at TIA has diverted to Lucknow after it could not land at TIA due to poor visibility.

An airbus of Nepal Airlines has flown to New Delhi at 9:30 am. A plane of Al Jazeera has landed at the TIA after holding in the sky for a long time.
Currently, the visibility in Kathmandu is more than 1,100 meters. However, flights are still facing problems in landing, according to an official at the TIA.

No domestic flights have operated so far. Passengers are awaiting their flights at the TIA.